An introduction to London Maritime Arbitration (Papel + e-book)

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  • EDITORIAL: Editorial Aranzadi
  • ISBN: 9788413917931
  • FECHA DE EDICIÓN: 21/01/2022
  • Nº DE EDICION: 1
  • Libro Impreso
  • Nº PAGINAS: 240
  • DIMENSIONES: 235x165

This book provides the reader with a simple and straightforward explanation of how London Maritime Arbitration works. It consists of a pragmatic approach to London Maritime Arbitration, with clear language and direct coverage of the main characteristic features of the London maritime arbitral proceedings. It covers the new LMAA Terms, the new LCIA Rules, the application of new technologies on virtual hearings and the impact of Brexit in the London dispute resolution market. Mainly aimed at non-English maritime businessmen and foreign lawyers, it provides the reader with a powerful tool to familiarise and understand how London Maritime Arbitration works.