Token law and markets

Proceedings and keynote speeches of the I Token World Conference

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The first Token World Conference, held in Madrid from 6th to 9th of March of 2021, was organised by the director of this book, head of the CITT Technology and Transfer Research Commision of Consorcio Red Alastria, the first Spanish and European private-law association to create a blockchain / DLT consortium to set public-permissioned DLT networks), at the Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid). . Roughly thirty world leading blockchain and DLT experts from ten countries contributed to this academic and professional enriching forum, wherein exhaustive keynotes and round tables were offered by means of both streaming and live presential channels for an enthusiastic audience. . As a result of the collected proceedings of the conference, this monograph on token law and tokenomics shows the advances in American and European token law, emphasizing the essential issues posed by the new Digital Finance Strategy for DeFi and for tokens markets, encompassing the three Proposals of Regulations (MiCA tokens, market infrastructures and DORA regime), and other challenging matters for the future of EU digital cryptoasset regulations, foreseeably duplicated for MiFID 2 and MiCA markets. . Economic substantial problems were also treated by some of the speakers, in crucial matters as tokenomics, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, ICO/STOs, CBDCs or industry DLT network practice. . The expertise of INATBA speakers and public and private financial-market representatives (including the President of Spains securities markets authority, CNMV) boosts the value of this Conference, particularly those from INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications), leading NGO present at the regulatory DeFi-pack processus) who have significantly influenced in the amendments of the MiCA regulation, some of them prepared by Prof. Ibáñez and other Keynote speakers at the INATBA MiCA Task Force. .