Governance of permissioned blockchains is a key issue for the short-term success and further development and consolidation of decentralized ledger technology (DLT) general purpose networks. The present book, written by thirty authors and directed by Prof. Ibáñez, one of the Consorcio Red Alastria blockchain community cofounders, shows how this pioneer worldwide public-permissioned national ecosystem, Alastria, is to be governed and organized. The different sections of this collective work analyze the mission and vision of Alastria from a multidisciplinary viewpoint encompassing the technological, economic and legal perspectives of its mission and vision. This collective task also encompasses key issues concerning self-sovereign digital identity, decentralized applications, smart contracts and other legal issues related with the creation, expansion and strategic anchorage of the aforementioned ecosystemic community, unique in Europe and in the world, showing the way for other permissioned consortia to boot in the forecoming years.