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Kepa Solaun Martínez

Environmental Economics

A guide for practitioners
: 9788431335946
: 26/03/2021
: 1
Libro Impreso
: 162
Dimensiones: 170 x 240 mm

This book expounds on the basic aspects of Environmental Economics. It has been designed in particular for readers without background knowledge of economics and following a predominantly practical approach. The text analyses some of the main questions and problems which arise from the interactions and trade-offs between the satisfaction of human needs and environmental protection. It also presents and proposes various tools and solutions to resolve certain environmental problems, from an economic and business perspective.

This book is aimed primarily at university students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), professionals who apply this discipline in their work (e.g. environmental

managers in companies, public administration staff or researchers), as well as other readers with an interest in environmental issues, energy or climate change.


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